Roadmap Leak Up-to-Date Features Coming to Microsoft Edge

We all know that Microsoft Edge Browser comes with Chromium, and based on Roadmap information, Microsoft is working on the up-to-date menu experience where users can easily find anything instantly by typing and find it. At the same time, In the new favorite’s menu, the Chrome-based extensions menu also coming to the latest edge browser.

Roadmap Leak Up-to-Date Features Coming to Microsoft Edge  

Roadmap Leak Up-to-Date Features Coming to Microsoft Edge
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The best feature we found on the upcoming update features in the Microsoft Edge is the new font rendering system which helps to fix blurriness and give more clarity.

If you are a business user, then Microsoft is planning to add an application guard with MDATP, which helps users to act as administrators to track threat activities in the edge browser.

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Upcoming Features of Microsoft Edge 90 in 2021:

  • There will be a feature to ensure that cookies will never be reused again from the PC or smartphone.
  • Will be smoother than before.
  • Now users can select text easily in PDF documents on Edge browser.
  • Autofill fixed on Microsoft Edge and it will now remember the date of birth, where users can edit and manage in the profile settings.
  • Developer Mode will come with features like, it will shut off the “Disable Developer Mode Extension” warning, that comes up in the toolbar only.

And if you are a PDF reader, that Microsoft also testing the new feature which will allow users to print the page by selecting the ‘Current Page’ option within the print box.

If we talked about more features, then it will allow users to fast search and add the data in the forms which generally autofill. You can finally find the information and fetch data in the forms instantly.

This roadmap comes after Microsoft started releasing Microsoft Edge 89 update with the vertical tabs and sleeping tabs. Edge 89 also comes with improvements for security, performance, and privacy.

So, now wait for Microsoft to release the Edge 89 soon for regular users.

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