MSI Command Center for PC – Download 2020 Edition

Hey Guys, Welcome back on EasyforPC your trusted source to download software’s for PC, today we are going to explain you about MSI Command Center for PC where you can download msi command center for PC 2020 version where all the enhance features added by the MSI (Micro-Star International), So without wasting more time let’s dig into this software and understand what are the things you will get with MSI Command Center for Windows.

What is MSI Command Center?

MSI Command Center is a software developed by MSI (Micro-Star International), which is user-friendly and helps users to adjust the settings of the system and MSI monitor status that runs on Microsoft Windows OS. With MSI Command Center for PC, users can get easy access monitoring access and adjustments than BIOS. At the same time, MSI Command Center Desktop App work as a server for a mobile remote control app so the user can access the functionality with a smartphone.

MSI Command Center for PC

Download MSI Command Center for PC

MSI Command Center Features

  • MSI CPU Frequency:

MSI CPU Frequency control panel comes with options that allow users to change the CPU Ratio and at the same time, users can change the Base Clock which is one of the best things in their CPU. Users can check the latest frequency of each CPU core on the panel itself, which means, you don’t need to check other options for CPU Core.

  • MSI CPU Fan

MSI CPU Fan Control Panel comes with so many modes where Smart Mode is on the top priority and at the same time, you will get the Manual Mode also so if you are a techy guy, then you know how to change the mode in the MSI Command Center CPU Fan via its control panel. Users can switch the control modes by tapping on the Smart Mode and Manual Mode buttons on the top of the CPU Fan Control panel. Manual Mode comes with controls where you can manually control the CPU Fan Speed based on Percentage. The Control Panel has 4 dots that help users to drag and set the smart speed slopes.

  • MSI CPU Voltage

The CPU Voltage control panel always important in every CPU in the world, as it allows users to control the CPU Voltage as it helps you to save the electricity as well.

  • DRAM Frequency and DRAM Voltage

If you are not familiar with these terms then let us explain it in a simpler way.

  1. DRAM Frequency: It shows the DRAM clock, ratio, and frequency, so you have full command over it.
  2. DRAM Voltage: It allows users to adjust the DRAM Voltage and you can see the risky values on the displays in red color.
  • IGP Frequency & GT Voltage

  1. IGP Frequency: It allows users to set the IGP ratio, and shows the IGP clock, ratio, and frequency.
  2. GT Voltage: It allows users to adjust the GT voltage and it also shows the risky digits in the red color.

Game Booster

If you want to boost your gaming experience than this feature will help you in this, as it has 8 overclocking stages that help users to overclock the computer. MSI Command Center provides the best software interface instead of the GAME BOOST knob on the motherboard. You can tap on the center button to switch game boost control software and hardware. The center circle shows that what is the current stage of the hardware game boost and the outer represent software.

Mobile Control

It is for the motherboard with the in-built Wi-Fi module and it allows users to enable or disable the MSI Command Center Remote Server.

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