Microsoft is Removing Windows 10 “3D Objects” Folder

Remember when Microsoft was obsessed with incorporating “3D” attributes to Windows 10?  From Paint 3D to 3D Effects in the Photos App.  Even the “3D Objects” folder has been an artifact from these days, and Microsoft is now getting rid of this.

Whenever you start File Explorer on Windows 10, then the 3D Things folder remains front and center.  However, how many windows 10 users still use it?  Almost nobody, certainly.  That is why we’ve recorded it among many useless features Microsoft should eliminate from Windows 10.

Microsoft is Removing Windows 10 “3D Objects” Folder

Microsoft is Removing Windows 10 “3D Objects” Folder

Microsoft officials have to be listening and on February 24, 2021, Microsoft declared the 3D Things folder will be concealed by File Explorer.  This shift is part of this Insider builds of Windows 10’s 21H2 upgrade, which we anticipate will be published in Winter 2021.

The 3D Things folder is not technically moving –it is being concealed.  You may nonetheless find it in your account folder.  To put it differently, if a consumer account is called Chris, you are going to find it in C:\Users\Chris\3D Objects.

But it is being removed from the top-tier position including the rest of the significant folders you find every single time you start File Explorer.  If you can’t ever touch the 3D Items folder, then it is only an empty, yet hidden folder you will not need to see.

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