Err_Internet_Disconnected – in Chrome Browser [Fix it Now]

Hello guys, today we are going to fix Err_Internet_Disconnected that you generally found in Google Chrome Browser, so if you are facing Err_Internet_Disconnected in Chrome then you can follow this in-depth guide to fix it. As we know that Google Chrome is a very famous internet website browser among Windows users and Mac users. The error mentioned above is faced by windows users more often. The error hampers the user to access the internet.

Err_Internet_Disconnected – How to fix it?


If you are a frequent user of windows, you must have encountered the error named Err internet Disconnect. Don’t panic if you have encountered this error because we know how to resolve this error. And we have our website that will give you the proper solution to resolve the error. But we are providing you easy steps to fix the error and get the Google Chrome functional for the users. We will try to conclude the steps in three easy steps.

If you are a frequent user of the internet, you can understand the value of an uninterrupted internet connection. It is the most irritating thing when you lose the connection in the middle of your important surfing. And you can lose your temperament when you cannot find the exact reason or solution for the internet break.

Some people get panicked in the worst scenario you will out of your mind. Don’t get so because we are providing you the tutorial in an easy way that will definitely help you.

Before directly jumping into the solution first get to know what is the error in a detailed manner so that when you encountered this error you will recognize it. It will help you to stay calm during the encounter.


If anyone is facing a computer bug named ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED, he must know that kind of bug, is it? If you are a surfing lover you must know bug denotes an error. This is the same thing that if you are ill, you want to take medicine to recover from an illness you must know what is the illness.

In our article, we will discuss how to resolve the encountered error. In the introduction part, we have discussed that we encounter this error on Google Chrome, but we have experienced that sometimes it is shown in Mozilla Firefox.

Now the question may have aroused in your mind how we can recognize the error. Just follow the error message.

Your computer is showing no internet connection through the symbol or you are offline. You need to take immediately following three steps.

  • Check the cable and router
  • Reset the router or modem
  • First, disconnect the Wi-Fi and then reconnect it again

If you will get the error message ‘ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED’, congratulation you are at the right place that we can resolve it in no time.

You can also resolve it but it is quite a time taking process and you have to do extensive research. If we do it on your behalf it will save you time and effort. We have found the answer to resolve this irritating error. This is three very simple and effective solution for this problem. We can provide you our simple described tutorial which will give you certain guidelines. It will be now your approach how you are going to deal with it. Here I personally suggest you go through the complete tutorial. Read it till the end. And then jump into the steps to follow to fix the error.

Going through the complete tutorial is the only best and suggested way to know if you know and get everything that is contained in every single step. If you skip any single small piece of information, you will be puzzled. So we recommend you to follow from scratch. It will make you understandable ineffective and very simple manner. Our tutorial is so easy that it doesn’t have any criteria to be computer savvy or expertise.

Wait I have some good news for you. You need not follow all the steps mentioned in the tutorial. But personally, I feel you should follow all the steps to fix the error. If you are reading the steps and with it, you are trying to solve the problem, you feel that you have got rid of that error and you have fixed it, you can stop reading the tutorial further. Now just enjoy the uninterrupted service of internet connection.

Here I am going to give you all the essential guidelines to follow the tutorial in order to fix the error. I have given you enough and necessary information regarding the error now let’s jump into these very simple steps to fix the error. These are the steps to fix Err_Internet_Disconnected in Google Chrome. But you can use these steps to resolve Err_Internet_Disconnected in mac.

The first step – Check out your internet connection while you have encountered this error. This is the first easy step. You can check your internet connection by trying different types of internet-enabled devices with the same internet connection. It may be a computer error so this idea is very useful.

Here I mean different devices is to use smartphones, tablets, etc. Try to connect these devices to the internet and see whether it is working or not. If the internet connection is not working still, it means it is not a computer error. It will be a problem with the internet connection. If you found a problem with the internet connection, you need to check all the cables and your modem. Sometimes modem is called a router. Just check if they are connected right or not. You are thinking about what the idea of checking the cables is. Sometimes cables get either disconnected or get loose as time passes.

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If you find all the cables are connected as the way they should be, go to check the internet light on your modem. Is your modem light is on or off? If the modem light is off, you need to contact immediately to the last mile to report the error. Here the last mile is used for internet providers. Now, this is a very important thing that if you are unable to access the internet using Google Chrome, but you are able to access the internet using your tablet or smartphone. You need to move on to the second easy step.

The second step-It is important to note that once you have resolved any kind of problem regarding your internet connection to follow the first easy step, just do clear the caches files and browsing cookies. Here I am using the technical language so most of you find it complex to follow. But it is so simple to follow. If you are not sure, we will give you step by step suggestion.

  • Computer
  • Internet browser & Google Chrome
  • At the top right-hand corner of the screen, there is an icon of menu icon. Just click on it.
  • Now you need to select for More tools option and go for clearing the browsing data.
  • If you have clear browsing data, on your screen, now you need to check for two options: plug-in data, cached images, files, and cookies.
  • Now choose the option at the beginning of time from the drop-down list.
  • At last click on the Clear browsing data option.

If you have done all the steps, you are now all set to use Google Chrome. Sometimes you are lucky, you can get back online by just clearing the cached files and browsing cookies. As I told you if you are lucky, but not every time you are lucky. Some users are not able to access the internet using the browser Google Chrome, just because the browsing cookies and cached files are encountered by them.

So better is that whenever you are using the internet, keep clearing the cookies and files generating due to accessing the internet. Because you may find the trouble as time passes. It will hamper you to access the internet. After implementing the second step, if the problem is not resolved, the error is still on even after clearing all of the browsing data, then you need to go to the third and last step to fix the error.

Third step- If you are reading the third step, it means you have not still resolved the error. Before jumping to the last step, you should be sure that you have resolved all important problems with the internet connection and cookies, and all browsing data is cleared. There is the last thing is updating network adapter drivers. Before getting in the details of it first let me get clear that must be your last option. When you have tried all these two steps that I have mentioned in the tutorial to resolve the problem, only then you have to follow this last step of the tutorial.

If you have finally decided to move ahead with this last step, then should download a tool. This is called a third-party driver tool. Some of them are open sources. Here open sources mean a free trial or available for free. I will not say that you have to buy it online. You can get it easily if you search for one of the search engines of your choice. It may be Google or Bing. Just install it after downloading.

Now scan the network driver and fix the error named Err_Internet_Desconnected. This final step will surely work for you. Now enjoy the uninterrupted internet connection.

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Final verdict:

There we have provided very important pieces of information to solve the irritating problem   ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED in Google Chrome and ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED in mac in a detailed and easy manner. This article is surely a great relief for those who are a very anxious and frustrating error which is responsible for none working the display or message your internet service is lost.

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