ASUS Manager Update – Download Asus Manager for Windows 10

If you are using ASUS components than you must download ASUS Manager Update for PC, so you can manage all ASUS components features. ASUS Manager Update is a bundled program for all ASUS PC which comes with all the functionality and help users to run ASUS apps more frequently and smooth.

It comes with two different UI where user got option to choose hot-keys to use functions with shortcut keys. ASUS Manager Windows 10 user can also use hotkey to change Ai charger II or Power Manager without any extra efforts.

ASUS Manager Update

ASUS Manager Update
Pic Credit: Asus India

What is Ai Charger II? Well, it is quite easy to understand. It is a device that help users to charge mobile devices in faster way and the best part is, it can charge your devices even your PC or AIO shut down.

ASUS Manager Update for PC

ASUS Manager Safety feature comes with so many great options, such as it can protect your kids to access unsuitable website or run non-kids friendly games. With the AI Booting feature, you can easily reboot your system by accessing boot device from the boot menu easily.

While rebooting, user can select HDD, DVD ROM, and USB Drive or reboot AIO/PC. And at the same, Asus Manager for Windows 10 comes with SyncUP that allow users to upload all type of files from smartphone to AIO or DT. It helps users to recover the back up and Sync it from AIO/DT to the smartphone device.

ASUS Manager act as a utility program that allow downloaders to save, manage, and update your PC motherboard BIOS in the windows 10 or lower operating system.

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Tips for Secure BIOS Update:

  • You must update BIOS utility with updated everything first.
  • Try not to overclock your CPU during BIOS update.
  • Close all apps in Windows.
  • Disable any type of anti-virus software in the windows.
  • Reboot your PC after you have done with BIOS update.


How to use ASUS Business Manager Software

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