About Us

EasyforPC started with the vision to help our readers who want to know about the tech world such as Tech Guides, How to Guides, Tech News, Apps, Games, Windows Errors, Mac Errors, etc. We are a bunch of Geeks who has real-world experience in the tech world and each team member loves to help readers in every sense related to the tech world.


This website started by Karan Bhardwaj who is a Geek and has experience of 6 years in the Digital World where he used to help newbies on the web to fix their issues without paying tech experts. He started with his geek friends who love to help others locally but he wants them to teach more people by sharing step by step guides, Tech informative guides, fixing software errors, etc.

Our Mission:

Our mission is quite clear and focused, we just want to share our knowledge with our readers and teach them online with the help of the EasyforPC.com platform.

Our Team:

You can meet our team here: EasyforPC Team